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Launching 5G satellites to connect every corner of the planet

Building the world's leading LEO broadband satellite constellation

Creating global converged 5G communication network

Providing cost-effective, efficient and convenient broadband networks and services

Eliminating the digital divide during Internet development


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"Galaxy Space" satellite constellation

Make these all possible!

We are developing innovative high-performance communication satellites.

We will build intelligent and efficient automated satellite plant in the future.

Constellation Scheme

The constellation has up to 1,000 communication satellites deployed on 500km-1000km Low Earth Orbits.

Global Coverage

The constellation seamlessly expands the terrestrial communication networks, covering all regions of lands, oceans and sky.

5G Network

Aligning with 5G standards, the constellation allows users to access 5G networks with high speed and flexibility.

User Terminals

Small, intelligent, low-cost satellite user terminals are suitable for use in schools, homes, automobiles, aircrafts and many other scenarios.

AI Services

Combining advanced AI and big data technologies with tele-communication capability, we provide customers with multi scenario solutions.

Typical Application Scenarios

Infrastructure Construction

In remote rural areas of both developed countries and developing countries, due to dispersed population distribution, some working, living, educational or medical establishments have no or unstable access to terrestrial network. Quick and convenient access to satellite network solves those problems effectively, which brings more opportunities and security.

5G Service

With 5G standards adoption, LEO communication satellite constellation provides world-wide space-based 5G services; connects to terrestrial 5G network transparently so that users could switch serving networks seamlessly; provides backhaul path for terrestrial 5G base stations. It is very competitive solution for various 5G application scenarios.

Intelligent Transport Interconnection

GalaxySpace provides low latency 5G satellite network infrastructure and services for automobiles, aircrafts, navigations and remote land transportations. With small intelligent low-cost satellite user terminals,customers can quickly connect to satellite communication network at anytime and from anywhere.

Enterprises & Government Network

GalaxySpace is constructing a stable, safe and fast dedicated satellite communication network for the sites which have no access to terrestrial communication networks, including business outlets, R&D bases, production sites, institutions, checkpoints, observatories, and other facilities with massive data-uploading demand. We provide satellite constellation and overall dedicated satellite network solutions to enterprise and government customers all over the world.

Emergency Communications

Galaxy satellite constellation provides swift and timely network deployment or long-term access solutions to cope with regional disasters and temporary communications needs.

Internet of Everything

Via Galaxy satellite constellation, status and information of global scale IoT networks can be accessed, monitored, transmitted and shared in a real-time, seamless and secure way.

Supplementation to Terrestrial Communications

Galaxy satellite constellation helps telecom operators to connect their terrestrial base stations in isolated or remote areas.

Scientific Expedition

The satellite user terminal can satisfy network access demand in scientific investigation, exploration and other activities in extreme and severe environments.

AI Services

Airport Real-time Monitoring

The accuracy of aircraft detection on remote sensing images with a resolution of 0.5 meters is above 98%, and it has the capability of real-time monitoring on multiple airports. It has extensive application scenarios for civil and military aviations.

Oil Tank Reserve Estimate

The classification accuracy of oil tank segmentation detection is over 93%. On this basis, it has the ability to monitor changes in the trend of oil reserves in any city of any country or region. It provides a scientific and timely basis for financial sector investing and government planning.

Parking Car Count

Car parking count solutions are implemented to monitor traffic flow around shopping malls, hospitals, and other places, so as to provide timely and effective information support for monitoring market traffic trends and disease occurrence.

Land Type Division

Based on the most advanced deep learning technology, it identifies plot boundaries, estimates size of plots and planted areas on high resolution remote sensing images, and supports cloud storage, and real-time extraction of Restful API.


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