Make The Earth Better

We Are GalaxySpace

GalaxySpace was founded in 2016. We are committed to mass produce low-cost, high-performance small satellite through agile and fast-iterative development mode, and build the world's leading LEO broadband satellite constellation and a global coverage with 5G communication network. Our mission is to improve the network connection condition of all regions and individuals, and to provide cost-effective, efficient and convenient broadband networks and services.Providing more accessible knowledge, more equal and extensive information, simpler and convenient communication and more development opportunities for everyone.
The company's core team consists of senior experts from the Internet, aerospace industry and scientific research institutions. With the strength of satellite technology research and development capabilities as the basis, and combining with Internet Thinking, GalaxySpace can provide users with quality Internet service and experience.
Dream big, Do solid.
The mission of GalaxySpace is to Creating global converged 5G communication network.
We will never forget why we started and will move forward bravely.
Connect the world, Make The Earth Better !


徐鸣Chairman, Founder

—Founder of GalaxySpace.
—Co-founder and former President of Cheetah Mobile, leading Cheetah Mobile to make a major breakthrough
in the mobile market, making it the world's largest mobile app developer.
—Former technical director of Qihoo 360, in charge of product development.


—Visiting scholar of Surrey University, UK.
—Devoted to the design and research of small satellites for more than 20 years.
—Conducted research in a number of small satellites development.


—AI expert, with rich experience of research and management in global IT industry.
—Former Cheetah Mobile content and big data commercial product director, Developed China's first multilingual
content Intelligent recommendation engine.
—Former Yahoo (Beijing) AI algorithm expert. Former Microsoft Research Asia algorithm expert.


—Experience in the Internet, IT and aerospace industry, familiar with international market, overseas business management
and cross-cultural communication and integration.
—Cheetah Mobile President Executive Assistant, General Manager of Global BD & Strategic Partnerships;
—Former Hewlett-Packard Senior Sales Director.
—Former satellite development engineer at the Shanghai Institute of Satellite Engineering.


—Specialised in pattern recognition, image processing, video coding and decoding.
—More than 10 years experience in core research and development management at NetPosa Technologies and Motorola.